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3 Commonly Asked Questions About Selecting Security Doors

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There's no substitute for keeping your family safe, which is why you may want to consider installing security doors in your home. Security doors can offer you additional protection against outside intrusion, and they can also be beneficial during violent weather, such as a tropical storm, in which winds can blow at a high rate of speed. But before you go out looking for your security doors, here are some commonly asked questions to give you the background you need to make a good choice.

If You Choose a Steel Door, Will It Rust?

Stainless steel security doors are strong and durable, but unlike aluminum, they do tend to rust and corrode. However, many security door companies are now using a Zinc coating on their security doors, which is applied with a powder coating and heated to a high temperature to seal it into the steel. Zinc is highly resistant to rust, and will protect your steel security door from rusting, although you may have to have your door powder coated again in five years.

What are Welded Hinges?

In security door parlance, welded hinges are hinges that are welded instead of screwed on, which gives the door additional protection against someone breaking in. Traditional doors have screwed hinges, which makes it easier for home invaders to knock doors off their frame.

With welded hinges, the door is far more secure as there are no screws that a burglar can unscrew or destroy to gain access to your home. The one disadvantage with welded hinges is that if they need replacement, they would have to be cut off, which is more expensive than just replacing screws.

What Are Popular Types of Doors Besides Steel?

Although stainless steel security doors are the most popular, you can also choose wrought iron security doors and aluminum security doors. Wrought iron is heavier than stainless steel, but it offers you more ornate types of designs on the grille of the door, so if you want to add cool designs to your security door, wrought iron is the choice.

Aluminum is more lightweight than stainless steel or iron, but it's the most affordable type of security door, and it's naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, which means you won't have to pay more for a Zinc powder coat as you would with stainless steel. Aluminum security doors aren't as durable or impact resistant as iron or steel, but they are strong and they are a great option if you can't afford stainless steel or wrought iron.

You can figure out which material is most ideal for you and your property by contacting resources such as Stan Bond Security.