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Tips to Enhancing the Security of Your Garage

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Although most people will put a significant amount of their valuables into storage in their garage, not many homeowners actually think about how secure their garage is. Security should be a major concern more so if the garage is adjacent to your home. If any intruders breech it, then they can gain easy entry into your residence. As such, it is always best to contemplate the different ways you can enhance the security of your garage doors and the garage at large. Read More»

3 Access Options for Your Exterior Home Security Doors

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You may have chosen a security door for a variety of reasons, including increased crime rates in your area or as a preventative measure for the future. Regardless of your reasons, you will need to make several choices related to your security doors. One of those choices is deciding which type of access panel you want to use. Here are a few ideas to consider and how you may be able to benefit from each one. Read More»

Garage Door Problems? – When The Garage Opener Is The Problem

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If you have an automated garage door, sometimes the opener could be the problem whenever your door is malfunctioning. Of course, a comprehensive inspection by a technician is first required to troubleshoot the origin of the problem. In general, your garage door opener could be liable for several problems as explained below: Garage opener just stopped working Your garage door opener could fail to function without notice. If this happens, a few things could be causing it. Read More»

Three Things to Know about Installing a Frameless Shower Screen

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When you choose a frameless shower screen for your bathroom, you may think that handling it on your own is the best option. There are kits that help you install this type of shower screen yourself, and most of these kits are easy to use. Even though you may have one of these kits, there are still some key points that you need to take into account. Here are three of those key points and what you should know about each one. Read More»

What You Need to Know Before Choosing New Garage Doors

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There is a lot more to buying new garage doors than simply the measurements of the doors you need. There are many things that you need to consider, in order to make sure that you get the right garage doors. Here are some of the most important things that you need to know when shopping for new garage doors. There are Four Basic Types of Garage Doors Garage doors come in four basic types: swing up, roll up, slide sideways, or swing out. Read More»

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Selecting Security Doors

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There’s no substitute for keeping your family safe, which is why you may want to consider installing security doors in your home. Security doors can offer you additional protection against outside intrusion, and they can also be beneficial during violent weather, such as a tropical storm, in which winds can blow at a high rate of speed. But before you go out looking for your security doors, here are some commonly asked questions to give you the background you need to make a good choice. Read More»