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3 Access Options for Your Exterior Home Security Doors

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You may have chosen a security door for a variety of reasons, including increased crime rates in your area or as a preventative measure for the future. Regardless of your reasons, you will need to make several choices related to your security doors. One of those choices is deciding which type of access panel you want to use. Here are a few ideas to consider and how you may be able to benefit from each one.

Keypad Entry

A keypad entry is one of the most common keyless entry panels you will find on security doors. The benefit of a keypad access is not having to worry about having your keys out or a key card in order to access your home. All you need is the key code. The keypad can either be a push button option or a flat screen digital design similar to one you'd find on a tablet or smartphone. Each person in the home will use the same key code to enter the house. Keep in mind, you will need to contact the security company that installs your keypad if you forget the code or it needs to be reset.

Fingerprint Entry

Some homeowners are turning to a technologically advanced access panel that uses fingerprint scanning. Each member of your family would need to have their fingerprint scanned into the security system. Once their prints are registered in the system, they can use their fingerprint to scan and enter the house. Though this is ideal if you want to avoid remembering a code or using a key to enter the home, it can be problematic if you need someone who is not in the system to enter the home. For example, a relative or close friend that needs to enter the home in an emergency wouldn't be able to get in unless someone were inside the home.

Card Scan Entry

If you are looking at the options available for your security door entry, then you probably want to avoid key entry for whatever reason. If fingerprint options and keypad codes also do not appeal to you, a card scan entry might. This uses the same type of technology you would find in card scanning entry panels at hotels or in businesses. You can choose a card scan that uses a microchip scan, strip scan, or that unlocks when the card is entered into the slot. The consideration with this type of entry is to have a backup in case you misplace or damage the card.

These three options will only add to the security of your security door choice. If you aren't sure which option may be best for your family, consider a consultation with a security systems and door expert. They can cover options, prices, and scheduling of installation.