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Three Things to Know about Installing a Frameless Shower Screen

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When you choose a frameless shower screen for your bathroom, you may think that handling it on your own is the best option. There are kits that help you install this type of shower screen yourself, and most of these kits are easy to use. Even though you may have one of these kits, there are still some key points that you need to take into account. Here are three of those key points and what you should know about each one.

Setting the Glass

One thing that your installation kit may not mention is how to set the glass when you are using a tile lip. You should keep in mind that there should be a barrier between the glass and the tile. This is to keep the glass from scratching and damaging the tile or from hitting the tile and breaking the tile, glass, or both. You can use a small silicone strip for the shower screen to rest on or you can buy an additional kit that will supply you with the barriers you need to prevent damage.

Laminated Protection

One of the things you need to consider with your kit is the type of glass being used. If you choose a laminated glass then you will need special protection for that glass. This type of glass has a small plastic sheet between two glass layers. If this gets wet, it can cause air bubbles, trapped water, and humidity to form between the panes. This leads to mould, mildew, and foggy looking glass. If you do have this type of glass, make sure you are sealing the bottom, top, and sides with a silicone waterproof seal and that you check the seal routinely for any issues.

Preventing Leaks

When you choose your installation kit, you will likely notice that the frameless shower screen sits directly on a tile floor. You may be wondering how you will prevent the water from escaping during showers, or how you will prevent leaks overtime. You have two options. One is to purchase a tile kit and create a lip around the bottom of the shower causing an enclosure that will prevent water from escaping. If you want a true frameless shower screen option, then you will need to angle the tiles or floor down toward the drain in order for the water to run down instead of out.

These are just three things you need to know about installing a frameless shower screen yourself. If you are ready to get started, choose your kit at a local home improvement store based on your design needs. You may also be able to find glass doors at a company like Just Glass.