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Garage Door Problems? – When The Garage Opener Is The Problem

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If you have an automated garage door, sometimes the opener could be the problem whenever your door is malfunctioning. Of course, a comprehensive inspection by a technician is first required to troubleshoot the origin of the problem. In general, your garage door opener could be liable for several problems as explained below:

Garage opener just stopped working

Your garage door opener could fail to function without notice. If this happens, a few things could be causing it. First, there could be an electrical connection problem between the door switch and the motor e.g. cut wires. Two, the logic board could have malfunctioned such that signals from the remote are not being received. Thirdly, the sensors could be faulty. If the door sensors are not communicating properly, the door won't work for safety reasons.

Garage door opener is too noisy

Another common problem with faulty garage door openers is noisy function. This can disturb the peace in your home and make the garage door difficult to operate. If your garage door opener is noisy, the gears, shaft and sprocket combination could be broken. If this is the problem, your door may not open or close at all. For roller doors, your bearings may be worn. A bent pulley can also alter the free flow of the chain or cable and cause noisy operation. Lastly, the motor itself could be loosely attached, requiring proper bracket attachment.

Door operation is too slow

If your garage door is slow to open or close, there could be an obstruction inside the opener or along the chain drive. Often, this can be as a result of not having your door serviced to a point where dirt and debris cause blockage. Alternatively, you could have a mechanical problem whereby your motor is not providing enough power to operate the door. This would necessitate a motor rewind or total replacement.

Door won't close or open all the way

If your garage door is working but your door won't open or close all the way, the sensors could be reading an obstruction in the path of the door. The signal communication between the remote and the opener could also be affected by a damaged logic board. Alternatively, the travel switches that determine how far your door travels could be in need to repositioning to allow the door to open or close fully.

A garage door technician will be in a position to go through all these possible errors and diagnose the root of the problem. New parts will then need to be fitted, and in some cases, you may need to upgrade your motor in whole. To learn more, contact a company like AAA Panels & Garage Doors for information.