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Three Automatic Door Systems for Your Business

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The entrance door to your business premises should improve the efficiency of your operation by facilitating ideal movement of people in and out of the space. In addition, the feature should be aesthetically pleasing in order to improve the visual impact of the entrance area. There are numerous doors in the modern market to consider for installation in your commercial building.

However, automatic doors probably offer the most benefits in such an environment. These are designed to open without direct pulling and pushing of the door structure. In simple terms, there are weight, motion or optic sensors to detect the presence of a person and respond by opening automatically. If you want to install these convenient automatic doors, here are the main design options to consider.

Sliding Doors

Sliding automatic doors are perfect for most types of business operations. As implied, these features are designed to move on tracks when activated so that they slide sideways to open the entryway. You can also request for trackless alternatives that operate using header support or carrier wheels. These require less maintenance because tracks tend to accumulate abrasive dust and debris.

The sliding style does not require clearance for opening, so it is suitable for premises with limited space. In addition, this design is the easiest to deal with for people in wheelchairs. The automatic sliding doors can have a single entrance for low-traffic spaces such as an office. If you require more entry space, you can install a bi-parting alternative for greater traffic flow.

Swinging Doors

Automatic swinging doors are designed to swing inwards or outwards when a person approaches. The swinging action requires some clearance around the entryway, so the style might not be ideal for smaller commercial spaces. Moreover, the door system is installed to allow unidirectional traffic flow in the building. Simply speaking, each door panel will allow people to go out of or into the office to avoid confusion. Maximum efficiency is achieved by installing two swinging doors, with one each for outgoing and incoming foot traffic. This will prevent misuse of the doors designated as entrances or exits in your business premises.

Folding Doors

The folding automatic doors are fabricated to capitalise on the advantages of the sliding and swing door designs. This system consists of hinged door panels that fold into each other when opened. Basically, the door swings outward before folding, so they will only allow people to enter or leave. Additionally, the folding action is beneficial because it reduces the clearance space required, making the design appropriate for space-constrained premises. 

For more information about the options of automatic doors for your business, you may want to talk to automatic door services in your area.