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Here is why Screen Roller Blinds are Ideal for Your Front Door

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Screen roller blinds are a good way of ensuring that you enjoy your privacy when you are in the house. They especially come in handy when your door is made of glass, which means that people walking by the house can see right through it. If you have such a glass door, you should get something that will help you control the glare interfering with your privacy. Here are a few reasons screen roller blinds are suitable for your needs:

Screen Roller Blinds Allow a One-Way View

Screen roller blinds are made in a way that they only allow a one-way view. This is achieved because of the way the strings are woven and interlocked together. They are tailored using a combination of strings that differ in thickness. The strings are used to create strands that are woven interchangeably next to each other on the roller blind. This means that a strand made up of thin strings will be woven next to one made of thick strings and so on. The strands with thin strings will allow you to see through quite clearly unlike the ones with thick strings. Moreover, the fabric also uses light to manipulate your vision. During daytime, you can see outside through the screen roller blind because there is more natural light outside compared to the inside of the house.   

Screen Roller Blinds Do Not Interfere With the Lighting

Essentially, home designers work hard to make sure that the living room gets adequate natural light through the windows and the door. Therefore, the material you use to cover your glassed door should allow natural light to pass through. Thankfully, screen roller blinds are made using light polyscreen material that allows much light to pass through, unlike the translucent or block-out roller blinds. When you use them, you do not have to worry about poorly lit space.  

Easy to Wash

Obviously, a roller blind covering your front door is bound to get dirty quite often. Besides the build-up of dust, which usually happens during the dry season, people will touch the roller blind when they enter or leave the house. Therefore, you require a material that is easy to clean and dry. The thin polyscreen fabric of screen roller blinds is easy to wash using soap and warm water.

After you have washed it, hang the fully extended roller blind out in the sun to dry. The light fabric dries very fast and enables you to put the blind over the door.