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Why Your Dog Should Have A Pet Door

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Pet doors are a great innovation, especially if you are out at work all day, leaving your dog home alone.  Aside from the obvious advantage that you know you won't have a potential surprise waiting for you on your lounge carpet when you get home; pet doors offer many other pluses for your pet.  Read on to find out why your dog really should have his own pet door.


Even if you're not out all day, your dog will no doubt wish to venture into the garden at some point.  Installing a pet door gives your dog the choice to go out whenever he needs or wants to, saving you the hassle and interruption of having to get up and open the door for him.

Toilet training can be an issue for some home-alone dogs, and even the best trained pooch can have the occasional accident.  This is stressful for both pet and owner, and a pet door can provide relief for both parties, in more ways than one!

Some dogs can become stressed and bored when shut in the house for long periods of time.  This can lead to destructive behaviour, such as chewing furniture, and scratching at the door or flooring.  If your dog has the choice of letting himself out into the garden for playtime, he'll be much happier, and your home won't get wrecked!

Health and safety

Just as with humans, confinement stress in animals can lead to health problems, such as Cushing's disease, digestive disorders, and compulsive scratching that causes skin damage.  In addition, withholding urine for protracted periods can cause bladder infections.

If you dog is able to go and run around outside whenever he wants to, his weight is more likely to stay at a healthy level, which in turn helps to fend off diabetes and other obesity-related problems.

Many pet owners leave their dogs outside all day while they are at work, putting out food and water for them.  Unfortunately, unwelcome visitors, such as rodents and snakes can take advantage of this, leaving food contaminated and potentially causing your dog to become ill.  Water dishes also attract slugs and snails, which carry lungworm, a potentially fatal canine disease.  A pet door means that you can keep your dog's food and water indoors, safely away from pests.

A major concern of many pet owners is that their home-alone pet is at risk should there be a fire.  A pet door will enable your dog to make good his escape, should the worst happen.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are many advantages for your dog of having his very own pet door.  Have a chat with a reputable, local supplier (such as Mitchell Aluminium) to see how a pet door could benefit you and your pet.