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Choosing The Right Door Security Screen For An Elderly Parent's Home

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As someone who has elderly parents still living in their own home, you already have a constant niggling thought at the back of your mind about making sure they are always well looked after. If you have not previously considered the security features of their home, now is the perfect time to. With the shorter days and longer nights of winter rapidly approaching, burglars won't hesitate to try their luck during the day rather than at night. Security screens on entry doors help reduce the odds of a burglary, but which type best suits the home of the elderly? Use these pointers to help you choose the right one.

Solid But Not Heavy

When it comes to adding a security screen to the entry door of your parent's home, you want a screen that is going to provide solid protection, but not one that is so heavy it causes an issue when it is time to open and close it.

An aluminium frame security screen is going to give the strength of a steel frame, but without the weight component. In fact, steel has triple the weight when compared to the same weight of aluminium.

Automatic Closing

Another feature that will be helpful when it comes to the door security screen is one that can automatically close after it has been opened. When the door has a pneumatic closer fitted at the top of the door, it pushes the door back into place once it has been opened.

Helpful tip: when choosing a security screen with a pneumatic closer, make sure it is either a slow closer or it is one that can be adjusted to be a slower-than-normal closer. Elderly people have bones that are more brittle than those who are younger so the last thing you want is a security screen slamming into their hip because it tried to close while they were still walking through the doorway.

Low Maintenance

Another thing your parents aren't going to want to be bothered about is a door that needs constant maintenance. Aluminium is easy to clean with a hose or a damp cloth, but you don't want a door that is going to need annual painting to keep it looking fresh. To avoid this, chose a door that has been powder coated rather than painted. After powder coating is applied to a security screen, it is dried under intense heat. This forms a skin around the product which is more resistant to heat damage and fading than paint is.

Choose the right security screen for your parent's home before winter arrives in earnest and you'll have peace of mind that burglars are going to think twice about trying to enter their home.