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Why You Should Go Aluminum with You Window Replacement

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Old windows in a home are unappealing, lead to energy loss, and may lower the value of your home in general. Window replacements are becoming a necessity for many people living in such old homes. In today's market, window technology has improved, incorporating more materials, more styles, and more energy-saving techniques. If you are in the market for window replacement, you have probably heard a lot of different opinions about aluminum windows. Many people may consider vinyl the better option to aluminum windows. These two are often compared in terms of overall look, strength, maintenance, energy efficiency, and cost. Without discrediting vinyl windows, here is a brief look at these particular aspects of aluminum windows and why they may be a good fit for your home window replacement.


Aluminum is, without a doubt, a strong material for windows. If you live in areas prone to extreme weather elements such as hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, or storms, aluminum windows would serve you better than vinyl.  Impact resistant aluminum windows have become quite popular in the market lately because of their strength. The windows make a home feel more solid and safe.

Noise abatement 

Some studies actually indicate that aluminum is a better noise abatement window than vinyl. This may be in account of the fact that aluminum has a high mass that helps in preventing noise transfer, rather than the opposite, as many vendors allege. This is especially true if aluminum was used as the primary window.


Aluminum windows allow for less noticeable frames that are thinner and sleek. Coupled with the fact that aluminum is easier to shape into a variety of window styles, aluminum is fast becoming the architects' preferred window material. With aluminum windows, you can enjoy those picturesque views from your window designs without necessarily compromising the strength of the window.

A more creative use of aluminum windows to enhance aesthetics is to use them for skylights. Instead of using plastic-like materials for skylights, you could have natural light pouring into your home via a less-obstructed aluminum window skylight.

Energy efficiency

Many sellers will say quite simply that aluminum is a poor thermal efficiency option when compared to vinyl. What they don't say, however, is that aluminum windows can also be improved for energy saving. There are thermal aluminum windows, glazed aluminum windows, and even edge spacers that help to considerably increase the thermal efficiency of aluminum windows. 


Finally, both aluminum and vinyl windows are low maintenance windows. For people living in marine areas, however, you may have to do more routine maintenance and cleaning processes on aluminum windows because the salty environment accelerates corrosion in metals.